About Queen of Peaches and King of Gainz

Queen of Peaches and King of Gainz are brands designed and created by designer and artist Laura Love.

An avid gym goer herself, Laura wanted to design a brand that visibly represented all women, via empowerment of their size, no matter how big or small, on comfortable affordable clothing.

The bold designs are printed on to hoodies, t-shirts, vests and much more.

Laura believes as women, we should embrace our beauty and be Queens, no matter what we look like, and no matter how big or small our peaches are!

When talking with her partner, came the brand for men. King of Gainz was born. Again, a celebration of achievements, whether Physical or personal within a mans life. 

King of Gainz and Queen of Peaches complement each other, whether just as gym buddies or your partner in life/love.

OUR DESIGNS Queen of Peaches and King of Gainz is a bold, his and hers gym brand that was designed to compliment the other, whether in the gym or on the street. With both gym brands there are various designs on the front and back of each garment. King of Gainz offers The BIG G or the original playing card back and Queen of Peaches offers the Big Q, the original playing card, and recently added JUST SQUAT and SQUATASTIC. All items come with our distinctive black and white designs, but you can find these on a variety of colours- you choose! All our items are resourced from sustainable manufacturers and printers.